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PT. Dhananjaya Karya Perkasa is engaged in the manufacture and design of interiors. We can offer the best products to your needs

Creating Beauty in Every Detail

Specialize in crafting high-quality furniture with solid wood and HPL laminate materials. Additionally, as a trusted general contractor, we excel in constructing residential homes with cutting-edge techniques, tailored to our clients’ vision. Our dedicated team ensures top-notch customer service for the best client experience.

Our Services

Interior Design

Transforming spaces with expertise and creativity, our team brings your vision to life

Customized Furniture

Crafting bespoke furniture tailored to your needs, blending functionality with elegance

General Contracting

Overseeing construction projects with precision and delivering superior craftsmanship.

Always Evolving and Growing

Initially, a small studio known as Kean Interior, we have since grown into PT Dhananjaya Karya Perkasa. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we are continuously expanding to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction and deliver top-notch quality

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Set made by Dhananjaya Interior

Discover an impressive interior and manufacture

Pharmacy and Pediatric Clinic Soputan

Private Villa Batanghari Renon

Interior Private Villa Nyanyi Beach

We have worked with them

Experience the brilliance of our interior design expertise through our extensive portfolio. We have worked with them, creating captivating spaces that inspire

“We searched extensively for a provider that could bring trusted payments to our marketplace, and was uniquely able to do so. Carsales has a strong track record of using innovative technologies that help deliver materially better experience and outcomes for our members”
Krisna Dwipayana
Owner - PT. Dhananjaya Karya Perkasa

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